The Daghan Curse

About the novel

Small town college girl, Elysia Beth Daghan, is desperate to escape the torment of paranormal entities that have haunted her since the day she moved in to her apartment. Before she can rid herself of these malicious forces, she learns that it’s not where she lives, but who she is that draws evil to her.

As the reincarnation of the most sinister of three demon sisters who tempted the Buddha with their beauty, Elysia discovers her demon father will do anything to bring her soul back to the world she left behind. It’s a world her mind has long forgotten… a world she can’t fathom.

Not only must she escape her demon father’s wrath, Elysia must save herself from those who want her powers and those who wish to kill her. How does a faithless girl who grew up with a devoted, yet abusive Baptist mother fight an evil from a world she never knew?


The Daghan Death

A sequel to “The Daghan Curse.” Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

There’s something worse than death.

There’s something worse than pain.


A never ending thirst for innocent flesh, for virginal souls. They smell sweet and floral like jasmine. They taste like well-aged cheese paired with blood red wine.

Every soul I take kills me a little more. My guilt acts upon me like maggots chewing through my brain and shitting out the darkest memories of my heinous acts. They replay in my head until I can no longer stand hearing their screams of fear and pain anymore. I eventually lose my mind to find release from the evil inside me. But, I cannot die. I cannot live in delirium for long. My body heals itself and soon my mind will be restored, returned to my cursed life with complete awareness. And with desire.

I cannot do this anymore. I must not hear laughter in the wind or try to find smiles in the sun. I should not question whether the rustling of leaves is whispers or cries. I cannot see symbols in abandoned buildings and burned down cars. I must refuse to lay my palms against the earth with hope of finding a heartbeat.

This world is overrun by spirits. It is no longer our world. It is no longer mine.

Mara, you are right. You have won.

Find me and I will grant you this hell. It is yours to take.

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