About Joy

Joy Lucas is a Communications Manager who lives in Dallas, Texas and enjoys working on her debut horror novel, “The Daghan Curse”.  She is a member of the DFW Writers’ Workshop and Horror Writers Association. Joy holds a Bachelor degree in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Joy was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in Dallas. As an adolescent, she spent her free time writing poetry, lyrics and short stories from sci-fi to romance and everything in between. She has always been intrigued by the mystical and the human struggles between good and evil. “The Daghan Curse” is inspired by a three month stint living in an eerie, rundown apartment during her early years in the entertainment business.

Having traveled to over 28 countries, she finds cultural, religious, social and political differences help her visualize the bigger picture when she writes. When she is not writing, she spends time spoiling her feisty dog, Rowan, named after a small tree known in the European  folklore as a protector against malevolent entities. In Celtic mythology, the Rowan is called the Traveler’s Tree, because it prevents those on a journey from getting lost.

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