Thank you for joining me in my journey to becoming a published author. I’ve always enjoyed submersing myself into a sinister world and exploring it with a flashlight that’s running out of battery—not because I’m morbid, but because I relish in the beacon of hope that emerges in the utmost darkness. That glimmer of salvation drives me to imagine the impossible.  Whether we hope for the better… or the worst… the power of hope is what guides us in the actions we take.

Through my journey, I will cross paths with many things that inspire dread, disgust, rage, anxiety, and all those emotions we love to hate. I will infuse it into my story. And, of course, I will shamelessly post my novel, “The Daghan Curse,” scene by scene.

Whether it’s the subtle fear of a relationship ending or the blatant horror of trying to escape a chainsaw wielding, cannibalistic inbred, I ask you to peer behind the creaking door and see what kind of monster lurks inside.

Welcome to my site.